The Craziest Thanksgiving Sale/Giveaway of All-Time is Coming to ProxyHeaven

We Want to Give THANKS to YOU

Starting Monday, the team at ProxyHeaven wants to *give thanks to all of our amazing customers.

We wouldn’t be here without you, so we have a week-long plan of festivities and gifts that need homes!

Here’s what you can expect!

Monday – Let’s kick things off right!

Make a tweet what you’re most thankful for regarding the sneaker community, add #ThankfulHeaven and we’ll pick ten winners to get 2GB of Resis. Yeah, we are THAT crazy!

Tuesday – We’re just getting started!

Post in our #success Discord ANY recent success that you’re thankful for and 5 lucky winners will get 25 Heaven ISPs. Another 3 lucky winner will get a 50% discount for Resis. Still not happy???

Wednesday – Things start to heat up! You asked for it!

While families are getting prepped and ready for Thanksgiving, let’s get you prepped and ready to cook! We’ll announce this contest on Twitter!

We are choosing 10 lucky people to get access & a free pack of course, of our new pre-farmed Gmail product with ISPs as farming proxies! Holy Turkey, are we really doing this? Yes, we are!

Thursday – Time to give thanks!

Before we all sit down to eat turkey, let’s give out some 100% off codes! Share your Thanksgiving setup in our #general discord chat and we’ll pick 5 people to get these ridiculous discount codes!

Friday – Black Friday it is!

In the craziest of blackfriday sales, we’ll have codes up to 60% off on Resis, ISPs and more. Everything will come together from the week as well and we’ll also have 100% discount codes, free Gmail packs, free Captcha proxies. We’re gonna get your dinner table fully ready as we’ll also select a few members to get access (All by themselves) to our newly releasing ISPs, so they can purchase without any one else in the queue. Yep, that means their purchase is guaranteed.

So, tell your friends, tell your family, tell your Ex, they need to join ProxyHeaven NOW and they won’t be sorry!