Why You NEED To Be Retail Botting!

If you aren’t botting retail, you might be missing out!

With the new Gucci Xbox coming out this week at a price tag of $10,000, retail botting is hitting its peak!

While this console with stock at around 100 might be hard to cop, PS5s and other Xbox consoles are easier to get than you may think. Plus with the holidays just around the corner, these are going to be a hot commodity. 

Let’s look at numbers over the past two weeks alone.

Walmart and Target have restocked PS5s almost 15 times in the past two weeks alone, sometimes doing so twice a day! With resell on StockX for the PS5 set at more than $200 profit per console, if you hit just once on each of these restocks, that’s $3k in profit the past two weeks alone.

Not to mention our Resis and Consistent ISPs have been cutting through Walmart and Target like a hot knife through butter.

This game changes each and every day and you need to look towards the future if you want to make money.

Continue to ask yourself about what you’re seeing the most success for, what’s new and what’s next! Some of your most popular bots are currently in beta for Retail products, so that should also be a sign that they see the value in retail botting.

And this also includes GPUs, cards and Pokemon. Diversification is key and if you’re not seeing big returns in the sneaker game, it’s time to adapt. You wouldn’t buy just one stock, so don’t bot just one product.

Then just sit back and let the profits roll in. Sounds like Heaven to us!