Yeezy Foam Runners - ProxyHeaven

Release: Yeezy Foam Runners
Date: May 29th 2021 
Retail: $80

Proxy Guide

Residential Proxy Setup Guide

  • Make sure running both pools, 1 & 2
  • Run at least 2:1 (proxy:task) ratio
  • It is recommended to run 70% Pool 1 and 30% Pool 2
  • Make sure, if possible, to choose from multiple regions out of every pool & multiple site specific pools
  • Diversification is key

If you still need your residential pack, get it here.


ISP Proxy Setup Guide

  • Our ISPs are one of the top products out there, if you are looking to hit clips, make sure to use them right
  • Make sure to check if the ISPs are unlocked, they get locked between drops on Footsites, Supreme & YeezySupply
  • Run at least 1:1 (proxy:task) ratio, running more tasks than proxies might not only get the proxies rate limited, banned or drain their speed, but might also get your orders canceled post-drop
  • Make sure to run delays higher than 3500ms (in most cases), only lower for short time periods, if your delays are too low the proxies might get rate limited and you will not be able to use them anymore for a specific timespan (can range between a few minutes to a whole month)
  • Have residential proxies always as a backup, you never know what kind of changes have been made to the site you are botting


Drop Specific Setup Guide


If you don't have any Residential Proxies, get some now!
They are a must have as a backup right now for Footsites, FNL/JD, etc.

Count on everything they have, perma queue, queue-it, etc.
All of these bot protections are a hard pill to swallow for all proxies, Residential and ISP proxies.
For ISPs: If any queue system gets used, make sure upping your delays by a good bit, else you might start into a rate limit when initial drop starts.

For Residentials: Depending on what they use and what bot you have they can be very very data consuming, make sure to keep that in mind when the release goes on for a longer time!


Make sure to run mainly ISPs for YeezySupply (but have just a few GBs as backup to be on the safe side), ours have been performing top notch on the last few drops.

Based on past experience you should be able to run 2:1 ratio or slightly above if you are experienced with what you are doing. But it also depends a lot on your delays.

That being said, delays are also important, every bot has it's own way of functioning but we do not recommend going lower than 3000ms delay if you run lower than 1:1.