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Botter Profiles #1 Snippy - ProxyHeaven EDU

Introducing one of ProxyHeaven's Top Chef's -- Snippy! Put those crocs into fourwheel (or sport mode) and hold on tight.

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We at ProxyHeaven have been chatting with our top botters and they agreed to give us some insight into their methods and tricks that help them wash the competition time and time again. ProxyHeaven is proud to present our new line of Botter Profiles that showcase each Chef's personal recipe for success. Come cook with us!!

  1. What bots are you currently running and what’s hitting for you???

Currently this is my go-to setup for bots on different sites that I’ve been hitting with (can change with every drop).

  • Foots - Vite
  • YS - Velox, Tohru, Trickle
  • Shopify - Wrath
  • Walmart - Dakoza, Ignite, Koi
  1. What’s the toughest site to bot currently?

I’d have to say the most challenging site to successfully bot would have to be Footsites purely because of the usually low stock numbers on drops.

  1. What site are you having the most success?

Here’s the funny thing. Even with my answer to #2, it’s Footsites with the deadly combo of Vite + PH isps/resis.

  1. What is 1 tip you’d share with the ProxyHeaven fam?

One tip I’d share with the PH fam is make sure to ALWAYS use a mix of ISPs and resis for most sites as both have their own advantages.

  1. What’s something people don’t know about you outside of botting?

I have worn crocs for the past 3 years of my life and have no regrets.