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FAQ | Residential Proxies

Which residential proxy regions do you offer?

What makes your residential proxies different?

We are using the most reliable residential pools that are available on the market. We value quality over everything.

What sites do your residential proxies work on?

Our residential proxies work on every site & bot protection you could imagine. Our customers use them across all kinds of high-protection use cases. The possibilities are endless.

Is there a maximum number of IPs that I can generate?

No, you can generate as many Proxies as you would like.

FAQ | ISP Proxies

Do you offer subnets for sale?

Yes we do. View them on our website, or contact us for custom requests.

How are the ISP proxies authenticated?

The Datacenter ISP proxies are authenticated by the user:pass format.

How does renewal work?

Our ISPs have a duration of 30 days. You can renew them here & by renewing, keep the same IPs from the beginning on.

What are the speeds?

Speeds can vary a lot based on multiple factors: Server location, server connection, proxy tester and the website you are testing on. Keeping that in mind good speeds can range between 20ms-60ms.

Can I farm One-Clicks with them?

Yes, you can.

Are they locked on any sites?

Yes, but not all of them, and only on specific sites that you can view in the specific product description.

On which sites do the ISPs work?

Generally they work on all sites. Please view the product for more information on site compatibility.

FAQ | Miscellaneous

When will my order arrive?

It is instant delivery, however if you did not receive an email for activating your account - make sure to open a ticket in our Discord.

Where can I get support?

In our Discord you can open a ticket, our dedicated staff team covers 24 hours, 7 days a week and will help you as fast as possible.

How does the Loyalty Subscription System work?

The longer you stay subscribed, the lower your subscription rate will be.
3 months: 33% off
5 months: 38% off
8 months: 45% off
Once you are subscribed, you receive regular reminders about your progress via dashboard, emails, and Discord notifications. Once you've hit the milestone, activating your discount is as simple as one click in your dashboard.