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FAQ | Residential Proxies

Which residential proxy regions do you offer?

What makes your residential proxies different?

We did not only build our whole own system from scratch, we are also managing it 24/7, eager to provide the best residential proxies on the market.

What sites do your residential proxies work on?

Our residential proxies work on every site & bot protection you could imagine. Our customers use them for Nike/SNKRS entries, high protection initial releases and even on bigger restocks for optimum results.

Is there a maximum number of IPs that I can generate?

No, due to a new implementation of a second pool, no limit is needed anymore.

FAQ | ISP Proxies

Do you offer subnets for sale?

Yes we do. They start from /24 | 250 proxies for $450 per month. Please contact us through a ticket in our Discord to request one.

How are the ISP proxies authenticated?

The Datacenter ISP proxies are authenticated by the user:pass format.

What is the difference between Consistent ISPs and Heaven ISPs?

These two ISPs are catering to two different use-cases.

Heaven ISPs
Works extremely well on Footsites, FNL/JD & similar heavy protection sites upon delivery.

Consistent ISPs
Specifically curated proxies which are perfect for Retail Botting, FNL/JD & more upon delivery however they do not work for Footsites - thus are cheaper than Heaven ISPs. They also have a customized back-end monitoring system, optimized for their target sites.

How does renewal work?

Our ISPs have a duration of 30 days. You can renew them here & by renewing, keep the same IPs from the beginning on.

What are the speeds?

Speeds can vary a lot based on multiple factors: Server location, server connection, proxy tester and the website you are testing on. Keeping that in mind good speeds can range between 20ms-60ms.

Can I farm One-Clicks with them?

Yes, however it is not recommend for having the best possible performance.

Are they locked on any sites?

Yes, our ISPs are locked on Footsites, Supreme & YeezySupply. We unlock them for initial releases and restocks - by working together with you, we don't miss important restocks, you can ping us whenever to unblock them.

On which sites do the ISPs work?

Please view the product for more information on site compatibility.

FAQ | Godlike ISP Proxies

What makes Godlike ISP proxies different?

Godlike ISPs are high quality Datacenter ISPs made for the most demanding bot protections in the sneaker botting industry.
On past drops they were not only able to pass all major protections, but also secure our users incredible amounts of wins.

Are they better than your normal ISP proxies?

That depends on the use case - you don't need a gaming PC for answering emails, right? If you focus on sites like Footsites, FNL/JD, DSG, Shopify & Supreme Restocks, Retail Stores or YeezySupply you are good to go with our normal ISPs - however if you are trying to focus on sites with stronger protection, then Godlikes are your best shot.

Are Godlike ISP proxies locked on any site?

Yes - they are locked on Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, FNL/JD, Hibbet, DSG & YeezySupply so we are able to preserve the IPs 100% for maximum performance.


What is EliteHeaven?

Elite Proxies For Elite Botters!
Aiming to provide blazing fast,
isolated and the best performing proxies ever.

What is special about our EliteHeaven Proxies?

We have built a whole own circuit for our proxies running on various servers allowing us to completely
manage the whole network without dealing with shared networks like it is normally done on the sneaker market.

Is EliteHeaven invite only?

Yes, EliteHeaven is invite only. By that we can perfectly isolate the proxies to the best botters in the game,
making sure no subnets ever get clipped.

How can I join EliteHeaven?

To join EliteHeaven, you have to meet specific criteria, more info within our Discord in the #elite-heaven channel.
Forms are posted within our Discord & on our Twitter every 2-3 weeks, depending on our current stock.

FAQ | Miscellaneous

When will my order arrive?

It is instant delivery, however if you did not receive an email for activating your account - make sure to open a ticket in our Discord.

Where can I get support?

In our Discord you can open a ticket, our dedicated staff team covers 24 hours, 7 days a week and will help you as fast as possible.