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Botter Profiles #2 champagneyachty - ProxyHeaven EDU

Introducing one of ProxyHeaven's Top Chef's , put on your coats because he is making it rain from the three point line with Valor, Kodai, Trickle and Ganesh! This Chef shares his best botting advice and why its crucial to "Invest in your setup"

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We at ProxyHeaven have been chatting with our top botters and they agreed to give us some insight into their methods and tricks that help them wash the competition time and time again. ProxyHeaven is proud to present our new line of Botter Profiles that showcase each Chef's personal recipe for success. Come cook with us!!

1. What bots are you currently running and what's hitting for you?

Footsites - Valor, Kodai and What Bot. Yeezy Supply - Valor, Trickle, Dashe, ganesh, What Bot and Tohru. Retail - KSR and Trickle. Shopify - Cyber.

2. What’s the toughest site to bot currently?

For me it has to be Shopify. Because you need to be fast and agile.

3. What site are you having the most success?

I'd say I have massive success on all sites I run, I have my days with each of them. Some days I hit big, other days, it’s just not my day! That’s botting for you

4. What is 1 tip you’d share with the ProxyHeaven fam?

Make sure you are investing in your setup. Make sure you’re logged into captcha harvesters and they are ready. Make sure your proxies are fresh. And make sure you have the most up to date info on the drop. Stuff can change on a dime!

5. What’s something people don’t know about you outside of botting?

I love to play basketball as I grew up playing AAU my whole childhood.