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Celebrate Easter with ProxyHeaven's Exciting Event & New Dashboard Launch!

Get ready for an egg-citing Easter celebration with ProxyHeaven! We're hosting a special event to commemorate Easter and the launch of our updated V3 Dashboard. We invite you to join in the festivities, hunt for hidden Easter eggs, and explore the new features of our dashboard. Keep reading for more details about this fun-filled event.

New Dashboard Launch

We're thrilled to introduce the V3 Dashboard from ProxyHeaven, the ultimate tool for managing your proxy plans and tracking various accounts efficiently. Our latest update offers powerful features, including sorting active and inactive plans, tracking proxy and account packages with unique IDs, grabbing invoices directly, editing payment methods, and more. Whether you're new to proxies or a seasoned pro, our Dashboard has everything you need to optimize your performance and productivity.

Easter Event Details

As part of our Easter celebration, we've hidden 3 special "easter eggs" within the new dashboard. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Two of the three eggs contain a unique discount code with 30+% off (usable for 4 days until Tuesday).
  2. One of the three eggs grants an automated entry to a raffle where three lucky winners will receive one of the following prizes:
    • 100 Free S-Heaven ISPs
    • 100 Free Heaven ISPs
    • 1x EliteHeaven Invite + 25 Godlike Elite ISPs
  3. ProxyHeaven members can receive 1-4 raffle entries, while EliteHeaven members can receive 2-5 entries.
  4. There will also be temporary eggs with limited-time discounts or usage restrictions. Stay tuned for more information about these bonus surprises in our Discord.

Get Involved

Don't miss this egg-ceptional event! Visit the updated V3 Dashboard from ProxyHeaven at and hunt for those hidden Easter eggs. By participating in this event, you'll not only have a chance to win amazing prizes but also get to know the new dashboard better & discover its features.

Thank you for being part of our ProxyHeaven community. We hope you enjoy this Easter event and the new V3 Dashboard. Stay tuned for more exciting features coming soon to enhance your proxy management experience. Happy hunting and Happy Easter!