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Meet Pixel - The New ProxyHeaven Mascot!!


Greetings, I come in peace with the intent to cook!

My name is Pixel, the new ProxyHeaven Mascot.

I used to live on the planet ProxyTron, before the evil bots started stealing all the good proxies and only leaving the bad 429s and the throttled kinds behind.

Those gross proxies started to rot the planet, until there was nothing left.

My people sent me out into the vast galaxy in search of new proxy-rich resources and then I met ProxyHeaven founders Nemi and Niagu.

They took me in, fed me quality ISPs, Consistents and Resis, which nursed me back to health. On the weeks that I’m really good, they let me have Elite Heaven for dessert, which is a real treat!


In return, I plan to devote my life to promoting their incredible supply of nutrient-rich proxies. To me, they are a source of life. To you, they are an essential ingredient to “cook!”

Trust me, I’ve tried other proxies and they just make me sick. I end up in bed for weeks with nothing but PVs and cancellations to keep me company.

I owe everything to Nemi and Niagu, so let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!!

I am here to serve all you glorious chefs!