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V2 - The future of Proxies by ProxyHeaven

ProxyHeaven V2 Dashboard

Love ProxyHeaven Already?
Well, Get Ready for an Upgraded Experience! 

One of the top names in proxies and botting just got better!

ProxyHeaven just announced a brand new, totally revamped user experience with the new Dashboard and Database. We honestly couldn’t be more excited for everyone to try out V2!

As always, the new product aligns to our five pillars -- reliability, innovation, extraordinary service, community and quality. Customer satisfaction is in our DNA and integrated into everything we do.

This is not just a big step for us as a company, but for the botting community as a whole!

The team has spent months watching, listening and testing out the new UX to eliminate unnecessary steps, customer annoyance and add fun additions you WON’T find anywhere else.

A lot of people say it, but we really do have the best customer base. This is a business, but it’s also a passion. We are nothing without a satisfied customer base.

So, what’s new?
From a new Leaderboard feature to making proxy generation that much faster and more efficient, the new might be one of the coolest sites in botting, but we may be biased
And that is only from the outside, where the real magic starts is the backend with new monitoring systems, advanced IP preservation technology & a few little company secrets to give our customers the chance to always be a step ahead.

In addition to the new database, dashboard and leaderboard, the team has a lot planned for users, including competitions, giveaways and even drop parties. You’ll find out more about that at a later date.

It sounds weird that we’re trying to make proxies, Gmails and our other products fun and exciting, but if botting isn’t fun and isn’t making you money, what’s the point, right?

We can’t wait for you to try it out and let us know what you think!

  • Nemi, Niaguman and Rothy

What the process will look like:

  • There will be a short downtime from Saturday ~3 p.m. EST night until Sunday 3 p.m. EST to upgrade the site and the dashboard,  all products will be oos, so just know that is normal!
  • On Sunday a few hours before the launch all User:Pass combinations of our ISP/DC proxies will change, thus proxies will be down. Once launched, you can copy the new lists. The IPs will stay the same, it will not affect any of your scores, nor other IP dependent tasks.
  • Expect a HUGE event with an ISP restock, giveaways, contests and more to celebrate this new phase!